Group Sessions 


Do you often get trapped in your emotions and negative feelings? 

Are you striving to find balance both mentally and physically? 


Let’s reveal some of the top ways Reiki can help you enhance your overall well-being: 


  • Reiki is proven to reduce stress and anxiety, promoting calm sensations 

  • Gently eases pain and discomfort, allowing emotional release

  • Heightens self-awareness and strengthens intuition 

  • Balances energy flows within the body 


  Let Reiki help you to regain focus and channel the right energy towards creating a new and improved reality today.  

Join our EXCLUSIVE  VIP group and Instantly Start Saving Today! 

Receive up to 5 Reiki sessions per month at a huge discounted group rate

The overwhelming Power of Energy Flow is Transcendent no matter where you are in the world 


Distance Reiki sessions are delivered to you in the comfort of your own home, so you are in a safe and secure environment that allows you to release what you need at that time.


Discover the Powerful Process of Healing through our Reiki Group Experience


Confidently receive the same benefits as individual sessions  

Share energy flow collectively with up to 10 people in a one-hour session 


Let’s explore the key differences between Individual and Group Sessions 

Discover which is the best option for you: 

Let’s Easily Break it Down 

4-5 sessions per month ~ A distance reiki session EVERY Sunday.
($200-$250 value for only $99/month)
~ OR ~
2 sessions per month ~ A distance reiki session on the 2nd & 4th Sunday
($100 value for only $69/month)
Check out these Incredible Membership Benefits 
 50% OFF on Intuitive Coaching Sessions and Readings!
(Save up to $100)
 A FREE copy of the Revolutionary Money Manifesting ebook, "Money DOES Grow on Trees"
($27 Value)
Lifetime pricing!  Prices WILL go up, but once you're in, you are locked in at your special starting rate! 
(with maintained monthly membership)
Receive CASH BACK!  Refer a friend and you get a portion of their subscription cost, every month.
(with both maintained monthly memberships)


And To Top It All Off……


 There are No Contracts
Cancel Anytime. 

(No Obligation, No Questions Asked) 


Ready to Get Started Risk-Free?


Simply Select your Plan Below to Join Now

Take advantage of this Limited Lifetime Offer Today

Once you complete your enrollment, you will be directed to our secret Facebook Group.  Here you will post a picture of yourself, as we use a photo to direct Reiki energy.  You will be tagged in posts here to mark the beginning and end of your session.  There is no contracts, and you can cancel at any time.  Monthly fees will be withdrawn automatically on the date that you enroll.
(enrollments beginning on the 7th of the month will continue on the 7th of each month until cancelled)
Yes, there IS an option to pay in full with NO RECURRING PAYMENTS, just scroll to the bottom of this page.

Prefer to Pay with Paypal? 

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Single person sessions

Weekly Sessions for 2 people

(8-10 sessions per month)

Save over $50 per month

Weekly Sessions for 4 people

(16-20 sessions per month)

Save over $150 per month

Don't want a recurring payment? 

Grab 3 or 6 months of weekly healing for a one-time price.

(single person only)

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