Awesome things to help you further, in manifesting, abundance, and fun...


A collection of low-cost audios to help you remove your old ways of thinking.  Add it to Reiki for best results!


Audios AND hypnosis to help rewire your brain...  Add it to Reiki to help heal the ingrained old thought patterns.

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A free archetype reading to help you delve into the deeper you, learn about your shadow, and learn how to progress forward in ways best designed for your types. Individulogist also offers element readings and a tree of life course membership.  I highly recommend them all, but begin with the archetype reading.


Feeling stuck at home?  This course will teach you step by step how to travel without leaving home!


Piping Rock has the lowest cost, best supplements I have ever seen.  I use their CBD oil daily and so do my dogs.  Its a broad spectrum oil, so it contains all plant parts except THC.  Most full spectrum oils will show up on a drug test when taken daily, this one will not, as it actually contains no THC (not .03% like most others, ZERO)  and its HALF the price!  I get all of my herbs vitamins and supplements from piping rock, and I've never been disappointed.

And for fun, because although I consider myself enlightened, I still cuss like a sailor... I've been wearing these for 10 + years, and some of them have LASTED 10 years or more. They are high quality, funny, and assholish. Sometimes it's better said with a shirt...

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