Are you ready to heal a lifetime of

trauma & create the life you truly desire

in weeks instead of years?


Here's How:


Try Me Session 

(first time clients only) 

A complete chakra energy reading to show where your current energy flow is turned on/off or running too slow or fast + one hour of distance reiki to open and balance all energy flows, refill your body/mind with pure positive energy, and force out stuck negative energies so you feel, relaxed, energized & refreshed.

(Value $114)



One on One Distance Reiki


Packs of one-hour reiki sessions to help you heal effortlessly, whether it’s an illness or injury, years of buried emotional trauma, or just need to replenish your energy flow and don’t have time to self care. These one on one sessions can be directed at whatever is ailing you most right now.

(Reiki Packs usage is recommended at 1 session per week minimum) 


4 sessions - $209

(Value $300)


12 sessions - $460

(Value $900)


Reiki VIP Group Sessions

One hour distance reiki sessions done for up to 10 people at the same time.  No group interaction required, just relax and enjoy the same as you would a one on one session. The only difference between individual and group sessions is the times available to receive your reiki healing.

Current available VIP times:

Saturdays ~

7:30pm EST 

9pm EST

10:30pm EST

Midnight EST (sat night/sunday morning)

1:30am EST (sat night/sunday morning)


Twice per week sessions are your choice of above 

plus Wednesdays at 10pm EST

Reiki VIP Bonuses

~ Unlimited Chakra Readings 

If you want to check up on your flow at any time just ask

~ 24 hour messenger/text access to me for on tap 

healing/manifesting advice

 ~ A FREE copy of the Revolutionary Money Manifesting ebook, "Money DOES Grow on Trees"

plus  FIRST and FREE access to all future ebooks, pdf, and audio


 ~ Free abundance audio - A 7 hour, nighttime meditation to help you reprogram your mind to a  state of abundance!

 ~ 50% OFF all additional services

 (coaching, tarot readings, addt’l reiki for you, your family, or pets)


~ Lifetime pricing!  Prices WILL go up, but once you're in, you are locked in at your special starting rate! 

(with maintained monthly membership)


And To Top It All Off…… 

 There are No Contracts

Cancel Anytime

(No Obligation, No Questions Asked)

Reiki VIP Options:


One Session per Week



Two Sessions per Week


Two Sessions per Week

PLUS Weekly Coaching



Phil S.

I always like working with Scorpion-Moon. When I joined her Reiki group, I was suffering a major depression, just in a bad place. Not my self at all. The sessions started, I started to notice my mood was better most of the time. My patience started to come back. I found myself telling jokes again. 
The hardest thing was to begin working through some childhood abuse. I'm now facing it and beginning the shadow work, to heal. The courage to face this, started when the sessions started.
The second was to become better aware and focused on my spiritual path. As the sessions progressed, I started to journal much more, working on identifying what I believed. I have never been consistent with journaling.
Finally, was my physical health. I saw my attitude changing, I became more active, I started an intermittent fasting program, I'm not perfect, but I'm much better than when I began. I see it like this Scorpion-Moon's VIP group reiki group was not a quick fix. It was a solid start, I'm moving forward again. It's not perfect, but it's a hell of a lot better, and it continues.


Can't Afford Reiki?

There's a scholarship for that...

Every 3 months I select 3 people to join the Reiki VIP on scholarship!

This means you can get 90 days of weekly healing

for an insanely low rate (maybe even free)

Fill out the form here and I'll notify you via email if you're selected.

You will be notified of acceptance by Nov 28, 2020

& the next scholarship sessions to begin Dec 5, 2020.

Also, check out the freebies section to get my free manifesting book.


Vibe Creations Coaching Group

 A monthly mastermind subscription where you get on-tap coaching/advice/therapy for your specific situation, right when you need it. No BS, best friend style, law of attraction coaching, to get you where you want to be! All in the convenience of a Facebook group.

Combine it with Reiki VIP for a lower rate.


Pet Reiki

Furbabies need love too...  Same as humans, pets get stressed, anxious, and experience physical and emotional pain. Your stress can affect your animals as well.  Reiki can speed healing from illness/injury, reduce stress and anxiety, and allow your babies to be their shining selves!


Sparticus, Bulldog mix

When I first got to my new home, I was really anxious.  My human couldn't even leave the room without me wimpering, whining, and stress pottying on the floor.  I left a bad place, where other dogs picked on me.  My new mommy got me reiki to help calm me down.  I am now a well behaved boy, my parents can leave me alone if needed, and I even have less arthritis pain.  My allergies are better than they were when I first came here too.

Saphira, Bagle

My mommy got really upset when I hurt my back and I couldn't walk on my back legs anymore. She couldn't afford surgery, and was afraid I'd have to go sleep forever.  But she got me some reiki and some CBD treats to try to help.  Within a week I was back to my normal happy self, jumping around and playing with my brothers.  I still have pain sometimes, but the regular reiki treatments keep me feeling pretty good.

Buford, Chihuahua

My first human passed away when I was young.  I found a new home, but i was really scared and sad.  I also had two bigger scarier dogs there that I was afraid of. My mommy got me reiki to help calm me down and make me feel better.  Now I am a happy boy and I play with big dogs alot, and even boss them around sometimes. I don't cry during thunderstorms anymore either.

One on One Distance Pet Reiki

(for one pet)

One session - $47

4 sessions - $149

12 sessions - $375

 Pet VIP

Pet group sessions for up to 10 at the same time. You can add more pets to VIP sessions at a lower rate.

(up to 5 additional animals for a total of 6)

1 session per week - $66/month

(+$15/month each additional pet)

3 sessions per week - $170/month

(+$50/month each additional pet)

More than one pet? 


Use these incredibly ugly Paypal buttons and select the number of pets for your single session, pack, or Pet VIP membership.

One on One Sessions for Multiple Pets 

VIP for Multiple Pets 

Shelters & Breeders

(or anyone else with more than 6 animals)

Please contact us for specialty group pricing here:

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