Reiki Energy 

A spiritual breakthrough in healing 


What is Reiki? 


Reiki is a Japanese energy healing process that can open and balance the chakras, as well as speeds up the process of healing from physical and emotional trauma.


 It's an effective push method of pure positive energy to flush out the negativity in the body, sort of like unclogging a pipe. 


Most people describe the sensational feeling of receiving Reiki as a warm, calm, meditative state. 


 Reiki healing is highly effective when done from a distance, using a photo. 

With 25 years of Reiki experience and 7 years performing the practice long distance, Ashley grants healing accessibility to all. 


Reiki is powerfully proven to help with the following :



~ Chakra Repair ~


How would it feel to overcome old wounds that could be preventing you from moving forward?

Chakra Repair is the ultimate way to conquer deep-rooted closures 


 Effortlessly Open Chakras

 Gently heal underlying issues that caused closures 


Did you know? 

Opening chakras without healing the underlying issues will allow them to be closed again?

Sometimes ONLY within hours.

 ~ Emotional Healing ~

What would it feel like to be completely freed from lingering negativity?

 Reiki helps to conquer and clear out old negative emotions


Completely push out the negative energy that is stuck in your body and mind, allowing you room to breathe. 


Instantly reduce feelings of stress and anxiety and works to heal old emotional traumas. 


Naturally improve your sleep function and allow yourself to have more energy in your waking hours.

~ Physical Healing ~

How great would it be to strengthen the body’s physical elements and tap into an unlimited supply of harmony and balance? 


The body can heal virtually anything, it just needs the right tools.  

The same as we eat to have the energy to function, having an open and balanced energy flow gives the body the energy it needs to keep going. 


Most things heal over time, Reiki heals them much faster.

Reiki Prices

One on One Reiki Sessions

30 minutes ~ $40

60 minutes ~ $60

(distance sessions)


Check out our group specials for 

over 50% OFF 



~ Intuitive Intensive Sessions ~


Ready to uncover what’s affecting you beneath the surface? 


Intuitive intensive sessions are influential in improving your vibrational levels and work through current issues that may be pulling you down. 


Through my many years of vast life experience, and intuitive holistic coaching abilities, I will be able to guide you towards a path of clarity.

This process uncovers specific areas and timeframes of trauma blocks, and therapeutically works through them, to release the negative vibrations attached to them.

~ Life Creation Sessions ~

Helping you manifest from where you are right now


Are you struggling to find your place in the world? Do you have questions but feel as if your family or friends can’t possibly understand what you are going through?

Let me help you navigate whatever you are going through right now.


It’s not always about what we want to hear, but what we need to hear.  

 How about real-life manifesting advice from someone who's been there, who will tell you the TRUTH.  


Allow me to lift you up and guide you through the difficult times while teaching you how to get what you desire in life. 

Coaching Prices

Intuitive Intensive Sessions

90 minutes ~ $199

Life Creation Sessions

30 minutes ~ $40

60 minutes ~ $70


​Intuitive Readings

Are you seeking direction in life and yearn for answers that seem impossible to find? Intuitive readings are an excellent way to discover your future.  

A card reading has the power to reveal something you already know, but perhaps haven’t come to terms with yet. 

Readings have the remarkable ability to call upon specific areas that are most important in your life at the moment, whether that is love, money, business, or career. 

You can choose a specific area of focus or question you need answered, OR you can keep the reading general to see what important information the universe wishes to share with you at this time.

Reading Prices

10-card Tarot ~ $37

5-card Tarot ~ $27

3-card Tarot ~ $20

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